Violet Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors

Color of the Year 2018— Violet Wedding Ideas to Inspire!

For brides who are planning a 2018 wedding, the color of 2018 means a lot. Having the hottest color for the wedding definitely rocks. Pantone has recently announced the ultra violet as the pantone color for the year 2018. Now all you need to do is to focus on the details, like decors, bridesmaid dresses, flowers and etc. We’ve collected some great pictures that would look great with violet on your big day! Scroll down and get started!

Violet Wedding Dresses

Different from traditional white bridal gowns, violet wedding dress offers you a chance to express your personality. The color conveys a spirit of invention and imagination. As for the design, I’d say the color itself is already a success so no matter what length, texture or the design, it will only make the wedding gown even more shining! Also violet bridesmaid dress is a great idea. You will definitely love the way your bridesmaid frame you.eye-popping violet wedding dresses

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Violet Wedding Centerpieces

Violet is a color that is easy to pair with all colors of the spectrum. That gives many opportunities to make unique and creative wedding centerpieces. Flowers are definitely the top choice. You can either choose fresh violet flowers with the decoration of greenery and other flowers or you can simply use violet flower petals as the embellishment.creative and sophisticated violet wedding centerpieces

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Violet Wedding Decors

Wedding decorations are everywhere on a wedding, from the aisle you walk down to the wedding backdrop where you take vows to each other. The decorations are there to witness. What’s more, they exist in most of your wedding photos that will be kept for years. Hence, more attention should be paid on this part. Here are some ideas you may need.romantic violet wedding decorations

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Violet Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are always about flowers. Either they are flowers in season or flowers that are rare and unique, they come in different colors, having a violet bouquet is both trendy and photo-friendly. It gives a touch of elegance and romance by nature and makes the brides look more charming.charming and elegant vioet wedding bouquet ideas

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Violet Wedding Accessories

Just like what was mentioned above, many brides may not have violet dresses since they are so eye-popping, you can work on the accessories instead. From earrings to head pieces or even violet shoes, it’s a great way to express yourself and of course to catch the trend. With the help of violet accessories, you will have a fascinating wedding that you will remember for the rest of your life!delicate violet wedding accessories to shine

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Vintage Wedding Ideas Wedding Ideas

Shabby Chic Vintage Wedding Ideas You Can’t Say No To!

Being so romantic and elegant, vintage weddings remain to be a great trend these days. It leaves great memories for your guests to recall the happy moments at your wedding. From chic teapot to rustic wooden signs, we totally love everything about vintage weddings. Today we’ve sorted out some great details about vintage nuptials in case you need. Scroll down to get inspired and save your budget!

Vintage Wedding dresses

Vintage elements are easy to find actually. If you are not sure what style to have about the wedding dresses, adding lace will never be wrong! No matter the length, the design or the color, bridal gowns with laces are always vintage-inspired and give a feel of elegance and romance.vintage dresses to rock your wedding

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Vintage Wedding centerpieces

Vintage centerpieces are definitely the most affordable part of the whole wedding with so many choices. Tea pot, lanterns, bird cages, or lit candles are all perfect choices. They will also work great with the decorations of flowers. They will take your wedding to a different level without breaking your bank.vintage wedding centerpieces

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Vintage Wedding decorations

This is a part you can let your creativity fly. To give your reception venue a vintage and retro look, elements including lace, decade details, mirrors are all amazing choices you can have. They together help to create a vintage atmosphere that people will constantly talk about later. It will make your wedding stylish and of course unique!shabby chic vintage wedding decoration ideas

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Vintage Groom suit ideas

For too long that grooms have been playing too safe for the groom suit on the big day! But you can totally express your unique personality with the help of vintage groom suits. You don’t have to sacrifice the fashion for certain look. Instead, you can achieve amazing look simply adding a DIY boutonniere.vintage groom suit ideas for the big day

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Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Décor Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away

For brides who are planning a winter wedding, I got to say you really have a good taste. It’s true that spring and summer weddings are much more welcomed by most wedding bloggers and brides-to-be, but there are actually so many ways out there to create a dreamy and romantic winter wedding. From elegant candlelit centerpieces to snowflake-decorated food bars, winter wedding ideas can be really fascinating and appealing.

Winter Wedding Table Setting

The key to have a wonderful winter wedding is to make it shiny and sparkle. And a great way to create that cool wedding atmosphere is to have a unique and romantic wedding table setting. Classic winter elements like snowflakes and pinecones can be added into the embellishment. For different touches, colors can be slightly modified, from dark blue to sliver and even white and burgundy. Enjoy the fantastic ideas we got below to get inspired!

stunning winter wedding table setting idea

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Winter Wedding Hot Chocolate Bar

The best thing I can imagine on a winter wedding is to have a cup of hot chocolate. That makes the hot chocolate bar more important. But many couples find it difficult to decorate the hot chocolate bar. Check out the following hot chocolate bar ideas to decorate your won wedding!

sweet hot chocolate bar for winter wedding

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Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Centerpieces always mean a lot to any celebration especially for the once-in-a-life event. Choosing winter wedding centerpieces are not as easy as choosing for spring and summer wedding centerpieces. The materials seem to be more limited. To make it unique and fun, adding some winter touches will make the wedding much more eye-catching. Elements like candles, succulents, pinecones and flowers, of course, are all great choices you can have.

heart-melting winter wedding centerpieces

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Winter Wedding Aisle Décor

You have probably thought almost most of the important moments on your wedding, but does it ever occur to you that the aisle décor also matter? Imagine the moment when you walk down the aisle, the candlelit on each side, together with the chair decoration will make that moment even more romantic. Below are some stunning wedding aisle ideas that are quite winter-like!

charming winter wedding aisle decor

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Rustic Wedding Ideas Wedding Decorations Wedding Ideas

Heart-melting Wedding Backdrop Ideas to Love

Wedding backdrop may not be the No.1 on the to-do list for many brides, yet it has greater impact than you could imagine. It is in front of the wedding backdrop that you say “I do” to each other. Besides, it’s a place where most of the pictures are taken, be it the couples or the guests. So what you choose for the wedding backdrop decides whether your wedding album will be eye-catching. To get you inspired, we’ve prepared many various wedding backdrops with different styles and themes, you will definitely find one for your own wedding.

Floral Wedding Backdrop

If you are back and forth not knowing what to choose for the wedding backdrop, flowers are great options that will never go wrong, especially for outdoor weddings. Imagine you are having a rustic outdoor wedding, choose seasonal flowers with decorative greenery for backdrop, the photos you take will be more lively and romantic. It’s customizable, as you can switch the color to go with your wedding theme.

floral wedding backdrop idea

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Streamer Wedding Backdrop

To add a touch of elegance and style, you can choose to have a streamer backdrop. Instead of choosing flowers, you can use fabrics like laces and satins for traditional look or choose single colors with special displays to stand out. You can adjust freely according to your wedding, like adding a row of candles on the bottom to make it more personal and intimate.

sweet diy streamer wedding backdrop

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Rustic Wedding Backdrop

If flowers are not your thing, but you still want to have a natural look, then rustic wedding backdrop connecting the Nature Mother will be your love. Try to take advantage of the surroundings by using a giant tree, decorate it with satins and greenery. They are perfect for backyard wedding or woodland wedding.

terrific outdoor rustic wedding backdrop

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Wedding Backdrop With Lighting

For those who dream to have a contemporary look, string lights is a top choice you cannot miss. Lit lights help to make a clean and crisp appearance besides from being a terrific embellishment. The line-up lit lighting will make the night wedding ceremony more romantic and entertaining.

shining light wedding backdrop to rock

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Fall Wedding Ideas Wedding Wedding Decorations Wedding Ideas

5 Awesome Fall Wedding Themes You Cannot Miss!

The time you decide to have a fall wedding, congratulations, you are about to embrace thousands of possibilities. There are actually various fall wedding themes out there. From luxurious Gatsby theme to festival Halloween motif, we’ve compiled 5 of the best fall wedding themes to get you inspired for the coming fall wedding.

Halloween Wedding Theme

Anyone who fancies festive wedding inspiration, Halloween wedding may be a good choice you could try for. Give up the traditional wedding trends and have some fun incorporating Halloween into the wedding will impress your guests deeply. Since Halloween always gives a touch of spookiness, darker colors like black, red and white are more favored.
spooky fall halloween wedding themeImages credit:1. Himisspuff 2.Papercutsinvitations 3.Decozilla 4. bridebox 5. Womangettingmarried 6. Deerpearlflowers 7. Weddingpaperie

Starry Night Wedding Theme

As for a starry night wedding, color combos like navy blue and gold or navy blue and silver are the mainstream. But you can also add colors like purple and black. These color combinations will definitely make your fall wedding rock! From wedding centerpieces to table-setting or even wedding backdrop and wedding dresses, the starry night elements can be everywhere.
fantastic dreamy starry night wedding theme for your fall wedding
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Harvest Wedding Theme

Having a harvest fall wedding is the major reason why many brides choose to have fall weddings. You can celebrate your harvest of love with the full blossom of many amazing flowers. From sunflower wedding bouquets, pumpkin wedding decorations to wheat boutonniere, harvest elements are everywhere ready to make an eye feast for your big day!eyeful and elegant fall harvest wedding ideas

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Woodland Wedding Theme

It’s outdoor and it’s full of natural decoration. Yes, we are talking about woodland. Having a woodland wedding seems to be a trend. Surrounded by the natural scenery, you are having a picturesque outdoor wedding without spending a single penny. All you need to do is to mix all the earthy materials in a perfect way. Colors palette like green, brown and white are preferred. As for table decoration, pinecones, fall flowers, twigs and trunks are all great elements you can take full use of.fabulous and eyeful woodland fall wedding ideas
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Great Gatsby Wedding Theme

The great Gatsby wedding is all about shabby chic luxurious lifestyles in 1920s. To your wedding Gatsby-like, you are supposed to prepare something that are shiny and glitzy. Chandeliers, jewelry and glamour are must for the Great Gatsby wedding. colors of gold and use of glitter are necessary in wedding centerpieces, table-setting and furniture etc.vintage shabby chic great gatsby wedding theme
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Disney Wedding Ideas Wedding Ideas

6 Enchanting Disney-inspired Wedding Ideas You Want to Embrace

No one will deny when I say Almost every girl is Disney-obsessed in different ways. Some are huge fans of Mickey and Minnie, some love the princess plot a lot, while some may enjoy going to the Disney-themed park many times. And that explains a lot why many couples want to incorporate Disney elements into their weddings.

Having a Disney wedding seems to be very magic and it always have a way to bring back our childhood memories as a girl longing to be a princess. And the Disney-themed wedding offers us this chance to fulfill the dream we’ve been looking forward to. So without further ado, today, we are showing you surprising yet amazing ways of having a Disney-inspired wedding!

Disney Wedding Invitations

Making your Disney wedding invitations as a starter to inform your guests about your Disney wedding is anything but ordinary. Adding a line of classic dialogue from the movie or a fairytale-inspired design will help a lot. Images Credit: Edencraftproject

Disney Inspired Wedding Invitations Ideas

Disney Wedding Dresses

As we always see in the movie, the princess’s dresses are always in bright colors. To make your Disney wedding perfect, your wedding dresses are better silk-made, with Ombre colors. It will of course match the Disney setting. Images Credit: Buzzfeed

Disney Princess Wedding Dresses

Disney Wedding Cakes

The cakes on your wedding seems to be the best way to show your Disney obsession. You can have castles as the cake toppers which always convey great meaning. Just like what happens in a fairy tale, the prince and princess finally live happily in the castle. Or a simple Beauty and the Beast is good enough to bring magic to the wedding. Images Credit: Pinterest

Disney Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Disney Wedding Centerpieces

There’s no better place than the centerpieces that you can fully show your Disney touch. You can either have stylish rose under a glass dome or a miniature carriage full of blush roses. These constant visual feasts will bring you and your guests the childish memories. Images Credit: Pinterest

Disney Theme Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Disney Wedding Accessories

Apart from the wedding gown, there are many parts you can work on to add Disney touch to your wedding. You can simply start from your wedding accessories. Walk down the aisle with a pair of crystal glass shoes like Cinderella, wear tiny shiny mickey brooches on the groom’s suit. Or simply wear the stunning Elsa earrings. Your guests will instantly get it when you show up that way. Images Credit: Disneystore

Swarovski Crystal Drop Mickey Mouse Necklace

Disney Wedding Décor

Speaking of so much ways of adding Disney elements into your wedding, for a huge fan of Disney, you definitely want your guests enjoy the whole wedding by making the wedding reception itself a fairytale just like those in Disney. To help you have great setting, Mickey-shaped love letters for backdrops, “Be my guest” guest book from Beauty and The Beast, also you can add some Disney fun in your photo booth. Images Credit: Pinterest

Disney Wedding Decoration Ideasadd some Disney fun in your photo booth

Wedding Ideas

7 Creative Polaroid Wedding Ideas Too Cool to Pass up!

Photos are considered to be the best ways to record a stunning wedding. That’s why many of us like polaroid at the wedding, old and new. These instantly-captured photos bring a natural and cozy feeling to the wedding. This tiny cute throwback machine actually pleases every one. Today we are sharing some of the gorgeous ways of incorporating polaroid into your own wedding. Read on and get inspired!

Polaroid Guest Books

Everybody loves the look of polaroid, so do your guests. So offer them a chance to feel the gratification of having a funny interesting moment with the polaroid. It will be a great talking topic when you look through the guest book later.Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Ideas Your Guests Will Heart

Polaroid Save The Date Magnets

Since you will have polaroid elements for your wedding anyway, why not having a save the date magnet as a starter? To go with your rustic or vintage-inspired wedding theme, you can add gauzy filters to make a vintage look.Polaroid Save The Date Magnets Ideas

Polaroid Wedding Cake Topper

The great advantage of having polaroid wedding cake topper is that it makes all the cake simple. You don’t have to rack your brains to think about how to get an eye-catching and stunning wedding cake. With the help of polaroid, it will no longer be a question.Creative Polaroid Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Polaroid Seating Card

simply imagine the moment when your guests see their photos at the reception. Get their photos from social media and snap a photo then put them on the table, it’s anything but ordinary.Polaroid Wedding Seating Card Ideas

Polaroid Wedding Decoration

To incorporate a touch of romance to your country outdoor wedding, having polaroid decoration seems necessary. Simply display your sweet photos on a vintage-inspired ladders or put the polaroid snaps on a big wooden frame beside the food station. Isn’t it amazing?Creative Polaroid Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Reception

Polaroid Photo Booth Backdrop

To make your outdoor wedding even more interesting, you can make a special photo booth backdrop for the couple and guests to take photos. It’ s such a cool idea and will definitely help you to capture many touching and funny moments.Polaroid-inspired Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas Your Guests Want to Embrace

Polaroid Wedding Favors

Having DIY mini polaroid magnets for wedding favors is absolutely a unique way to end your wedding day! You can choose your favorite engagement photos of you and your spouse on the magnets for guests as a keeper.DIY Mini Polaroid Magnet Wedding Favors for Guests

Fall Wedding Ideas Wedding Decorations Wedding Ideas

21 Incredibly Amazing Fall Wedding Decoration Ideas

Fall is always one of the most popular seasons for weddings. There are so many great fall elements that you can take most of for your fall wedding decorations. As for the fall wedding colors, there are yellow, orange, claret-red and as for the fall elements, there are sunflowers, pumpkins, tree leaves, boots and so on. There are so many ways for you to combine all those colors and elements together to make fabulous centerpieces, wedding bouquets, or wedding backdrop. Here we’ve offered you amazing fall wedding decoration ideas to make your big day memorable!

Simple fall decor Simple fall decor idea Rustic Outdoor Fall Decor ideas

Rustic Fall Wedding Card Holder Ideas Outdoor Fall Wedding Ceremony love the sign and the ghost pumpkins
Outdoor Fall Decorating with Sunflowers Love an Outdoor Fall Wedding Fall wreath decor ideas Fall Weddings at Lake Lanier Islands Fall Wedding Pumpkin Decorations
Fall wedding decoration ideas Fall Wedding Centerpieces That Inspire
Fall wedding arch ideas Fall Wedding Arch Ideas for Rustic Outdoor Wedding Fall Pumpkin Wedding Card Holder ideas fall pumpkin wedding aisle decor Fall leaves wedding decor idea Fall colored wedding under a beautiful Tent

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Rustic Wedding Ideas Wedding Ideas

25 Must See Drop-dead Rustic Wedding Ideas

Fall is right at the corner. And for those who are preparing a fall wedding, are there any wedding themes better than rustic weddings? The answer is definitely No! With amazing natural views, barns, burlap, wood and leaves, rustic weddings take the most of natural materials. To make the big day perfect, there are many preparations to be taken care of, from wedding decorations, wedding bouquets to rustic wedding cakes etc. Here are some details we’ve rounded up to make your fall rustic wedding one in a million.

Rustic Wedding Invitations


Rustic wedding invitations for your big dayThe best way to let people know about your big day is of course the wedding invitations. Elements like woods, burlaps, kraft papers or flowers are terrific choices for the rustic wedding cards. Image credit: WeddingPaperDivas

Rustic Wedding Dresses


Rustic Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses for BRIDALRustic weddings are always connected with casual, harvest yet vintage aesthetic. That makes it a little bit difficult for the brides to choose the perfect wedding dresses. Flower length lace gowns or dresses with vintage details will be more appealing. Imagine the way you wear your dream wedding gown with a pair of casual boots, how cool is that! Image credit: Daalarna

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Rustic wedding decoration ideas without spending a lot

There are many ways to decorate your rustic weddings without spending a lot. And sometimes the simplest is the best. You can simply decorate your rustic wedding using items from your backyard. Tree trunks, burlaps, mason jars and laces, there are all affordable yet intriguing for the wedding. Image credit: 1 2 3 4

Rustic Wedding Bouquets


Rustic Wedding BouquetsTo have a dream wedding, wedding bouquets are definitely a crucial part. With all the down-to-earth decoration as background, flowers in season are always the best choices. Flowers like warm sunflowers, lively peonies together with adornment like greenery plants are totally appealing. Image Credit: 1 2 3 4

Rustic Wedding Cakes


Rustic wedding cakesSince you are going for countrified details and subtle elegance, you have to carry out the theme to every part of the wedding, including the rustic wedding cake. You can stick to traditional multi-tier design or to have country-chic touch, you could try to have stylish wedding cakes with earthy aesthetic, including gorgeous greenery, crawling vines, frosting hues. Does this sound dreamy to you? Image Credit: 1 2 3 4

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces


Rustic mason jar wedding centerpiece decoration ideasRustic weddings are ally about country chic style, and the best reflection of the theme is centerpieces. You can fully develop your creativity to combine the rustic details with anything. Image Credit: 1 2 3 4

Featured Navy Blue Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors Wedding Ideas

Nobleness and Eternity: Stunning Navy Blue Wedding Color Ideas

It’s stylish, it’s peaceful, it’s elegant. What are we talking about. Navy blue. Every time we talk about this clam and steady wedding color, we always associate it with fall or rustic outdoor weddings. The color itself is gorgeous already, but it can add a totally different touch if you add some other colors like blush, grey, gold and so on. Here are some great ideas to help you find the right color combination for your big day!

Blush Pink and Navy Blue WeddingBlush Pink and Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

Blue and pink can be really a good color combination for a wedding. Thinking about the romance and sweetness they make is exciting enough. Grooms in navy blue suits with pink ties or boutonniere in match. For table setting, picture a navy-blue table cloth with blush centerpieces. They will look striking and attractive on your spring wedding.  Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Navy Blue and Grey Wedding

Navy Blue and Grey Wedding Ideas

The right wedding palette can have a positive influence on a wedding. They can add style and energy. Navy blue and grey is definitely one of the hottest choices you can expect. Grey is refreshing while navy blue is so stylish. They are the one of the most stunning color combo for your winter wedding. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Navy Blue and Gold Wedding


Navy Blue and Gold Wedding IdeasNavy blue is a classic wedding color while gold is considered to be an ideal color for weddings. These two are popular among weddings not only because they are perfectly contrasting each other but because they are suitable for almost any theme and season—- for a rustic wedding, a winter wedding etc. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Color Ideas

Coral and navy blue are just looking striking when putting together. They are widely used for spring and summer weddings. They together make a comfortable feeling of the wedding. Besides, these two colors compliment a wide range of skin colors, which makes them first choice color palette or many brides. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding Color Ideas

For fall or winter weddings, burgundy or maroon are prefect. They do help to add some festive to the whole wedding without being too odd. People love to pair these two colors with the understated navy blue which to set an elegant tone for the wedding.  Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6