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26 blue floral wedding inspiration

Want to place together a gorgeous floral wedding?Today, we’re thrilled to celebrate the sunshine blue wedding color, Serenity—a calming whisper of blue you’re getting to adore. Serenity visually captures a sense of true tranquility. It lends a timeless elegance to all or any things wedding, from fabrics to flowers, and paper to put settings. This […]

Wedding Colors

20+ Green and Yellow Wedding Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away

Speaking of yellow, it’s bright and warm. When it comes to green, it’s so refreshing and peaceful. When the two colors combine together, they will make great green and yellow wedding ideas, especially for spring and summer wedding. Green table decorations with yellow wedding bouquets, or yellow and green wedding aisle decorations, they together add […]

Wedding Colors

2024 Wedding Color Trends: Classic Blue Wedding Ideas for Every Bride

How time flies and 2020 is right here. Pantone has just announced the classic blue as the color of 2020. For girls who are planning a 2020 wedding, here are some ideas that may help. Unlike navy blue or sapphire blue, the classic blue is quite gentle and confident. It’s a great theme color for […]

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16 Timeless Navy Blue Wedding Ideas You Will Enjoy

When it comes to wedding colors, navy blue is a classic and timeless color that is perfect for wedding. Navy works well with many different shades, including coral, burgundy, gold and grey. It’s subtle yet elegant and it can be incorporated into every detail, from groom’s attire to wedding table décor or bridesmaid dresses, navy […]

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28 Burgundy Wedding Color Theme Ideas To Try

Burgundy is a very beautiful wedding color for your big day. You can add a sort of this kind of dark red into any element of your wedding,When referring to the word “burgundy”, do you recall something special to please your feeling, like the fragrant wine? Well, it is possible that many contemporary brides choose […]

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46 Greenery Wedding Ideas For Fashion-Forward Brides

Spring is the perfect time for a wedding, with all its natural beauty and the freshness of the season. Greenery wedding decor is easy way to add nature and style to your reception. Get imaginative and talk to your florist about bring your more grandiose ideas to life: think greenery garlands, table runners, floral walls […]

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43 Simple Rustic Wedding Dresses

When you are having your wedding at a farm, barn, or a similar setting, a rustic design scheme can be just perfect. However, you want to be sure to combine that casual country feeling with the refinement and elegance that a wedding deserves. It’s easy to see why. They’re simple and can be fairly inexpensive […]

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45 Succulent Wedding Ideas That Are In Trend

Every bride and wedding planner in town wants to have a unique wedding celebration. The bride and the groom would want their wedding to have something unique for their guests to experience during the celebration. In addition to a unique wedding theme there are also many ways of celebrating the wedding that will make it […]

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35 Gorgeous Pairs of Rose Gold Wedding Shoes To Try

It seems that wedding dress gets all the attention on the wedding, but wedding shoes play a key role in the whole wedding. We can say nothing compares the relationship between the bride and the wedding shoes. Rose gold wedding shoes are getting trendy not just for engagement. The metallic and romantic rose gold wedding […]

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20+ Inspiring Floral and Greenery Wedding Ideas for 2024

It’s almost spring! And the wedding season is coming. There’s nothing more natural than decorating your wedding with flowers and greenery. The floral and greenery are among one of the must options for weddings in 2019. Greenery trend in wedding is trendy for years. But together with flowers, the decorations will be wilder and bolder. […]