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The Hottest Spring Wedding Idea Trends 2024 on Internet!

Recently Pinterest has started a survey about the pins relating women’s fashion items. The survey shows the top trends brides-to-be would love to have for their big day. And here we share with those who are having a hard time preparing for your big day!

Ultra Violet Wedding Palette

Chosen as Pantone’s color of the year, ultra violet has earned quite attention in the wedding market and it is definitely the hottest color choice for many brides. The ultra violet-related fashion search has increased by 98%. So do not surprise to see ultra violet wedding gowns on the nuptials. Apart from the bridal gown, this warm elegant color can be used in many ways, including centerpieces, chair décor, or even wedding bouquets.stylish ultra violet wedding ideas
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Chiffon Wedding Dresses

According to the survey, woman between the age of 20 to 29 like Chiffon for their wedding dresses. And most of them choose Chiffon as their favorite wedding dress texture. The number has increased 242% over last year. So if you are having a spring wedding, you should know what to choose now.romantic chiffon wedding dresses to shine
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Kitten Heels Wedding Shoes

Instead of choosing high heels, brides-to-be prefer to have kitten heels wedding shoes to make their big day more comfortable. Kitten heels give a touch of elegance and charm without sacrificing the stylish bridal look. They really come in many colors and designs, so they can be more than bridal shoes. It will also make great everyday shoes. Isn’t it practical?sexy and comfortable kitten heel wedding shoesImage Credit: 1. Deerpearlflowers   2. Trend2wear  3. Bellabelleshoes  4. Livingly  5. Etsy  6. Bhldn

Geometric Wedding Decorations

Geometric details are gaining more and more attention on weddings these days. It makes the whole wedding more modern and glamorous. The metallic touches and asymmetric designs are really fascinating. Can you imagine your wedding tables having rose gold geometric terrariums with flowers or succulents? Wouldn’t it be more eye-catching?modern and chic geometric wedding decorations
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