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6 Enchanting Disney-inspired Wedding Ideas You Want to Embrace

No one will deny when I say Almost every girl is Disney-obsessed in different ways. Some are huge fans of Mickey and Minnie, some love the princess plot a lot, while some may enjoy going to the Disney-themed park many times. And that explains a lot why many couples want to incorporate Disney elements into their weddings.

Having a Disney wedding seems to be very magic and it always have a way to bring back our childhood memories as a girl longing to be a princess. And the Disney-themed wedding offers us this chance to fulfill the dream we’ve been looking forward to. So without further ado, today, we are showing you surprising yet amazing ways of having a Disney-inspired wedding!

Disney Wedding Invitations

Making your Disney wedding invitations as a starter to inform your guests about your Disney wedding is anything but ordinary. Adding a line of classic dialogue from the movie or a fairytale-inspired design will help a lot. Images Credit: Edencraftproject

Disney Inspired Wedding Invitations Ideas

Disney Wedding Dresses

As we always see in the movie, the princess’s dresses are always in bright colors. To make your Disney wedding perfect, your wedding dresses are better silk-made, with Ombre colors. It will of course match the Disney setting. Images Credit: Buzzfeed

Disney Princess Wedding Dresses

Disney Wedding Cakes

The cakes on your wedding seems to be the best way to show your Disney obsession. You can have castles as the cake toppers which always convey great meaning. Just like what happens in a fairy tale, the prince and princess finally live happily in the castle. Or a simple Beauty and the Beast is good enough to bring magic to the wedding. Images Credit: Pinterest

Disney Themed Wedding Cake Ideas

Disney Wedding Centerpieces

There’s no better place than the centerpieces that you can fully show your Disney touch. You can either have stylish rose under a glass dome or a miniature carriage full of blush roses. These constant visual feasts will bring you and your guests the childish memories. Images Credit: Pinterest

Disney Theme Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Disney Wedding Accessories

Apart from the wedding gown, there are many parts you can work on to add Disney touch to your wedding. You can simply start from your wedding accessories. Walk down the aisle with a pair of crystal glass shoes like Cinderella, wear tiny shiny mickey brooches on the groom’s suit. Or simply wear the stunning Elsa earrings. Your guests will instantly get it when you show up that way. Images Credit: Disneystore

Swarovski Crystal Drop Mickey Mouse Necklace

Disney Wedding Décor

Speaking of so much ways of adding Disney elements into your wedding, for a huge fan of Disney, you definitely want your guests enjoy the whole wedding by making the wedding reception itself a fairytale just like those in Disney. To help you have great setting, Mickey-shaped love letters for backdrops, “Be my guest” guest book from Beauty and The Beast, also you can add some Disney fun in your photo booth. Images Credit: Pinterest

Disney Wedding Decoration Ideasadd some Disney fun in your photo booth