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7 Creative Polaroid Wedding Ideas Too Cool to Pass up!

Photos are considered to be the best ways to record a stunning wedding. That’s why many of us like polaroid at the wedding, old and new. These instantly-captured photos bring a natural and cozy feeling to the wedding. This tiny cute throwback machine actually pleases every one. Today we are sharing some of the gorgeous ways of incorporating polaroid into your own wedding. Read on and get inspired!

Polaroid Guest Books

Everybody loves the look of polaroid, so do your guests. So offer them a chance to feel the gratification of having a funny interesting moment with the polaroid. It will be a great talking topic when you look through the guest book later.Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Ideas Your Guests Will Heart

Polaroid Save The Date Magnets

Since you will have polaroid elements for your wedding anyway, why not having a save the date magnet as a starter? To go with your rustic or vintage-inspired wedding theme, you can add gauzy filters to make a vintage look.Polaroid Save The Date Magnets Ideas

Polaroid Wedding Cake Topper

The great advantage of having polaroid wedding cake topper is that it makes all the cake simple. You don’t have to rack your brains to think about how to get an eye-catching and stunning wedding cake. With the help of polaroid, it will no longer be a question.Creative Polaroid Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Polaroid Seating Card

simply imagine the moment when your guests see their photos at the reception. Get their photos from social media and snap a photo then put them on the table, it’s anything but ordinary.Polaroid Wedding Seating Card Ideas

Polaroid Wedding Decoration

To incorporate a touch of romance to your country outdoor wedding, having polaroid decoration seems necessary. Simply display your sweet photos on a vintage-inspired ladders or put the polaroid snaps on a big wooden frame beside the food station. Isn’t it amazing?Creative Polaroid Wedding Decoration Ideas for Your Reception

Polaroid Photo Booth Backdrop

To make your outdoor wedding even more interesting, you can make a special photo booth backdrop for the couple and guests to take photos. It’ s such a cool idea and will definitely help you to capture many touching and funny moments.Polaroid-inspired Wedding Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas Your Guests Want to Embrace

Polaroid Wedding Favors

Having DIY mini polaroid magnets for wedding favors is absolutely a unique way to end your wedding day! You can choose your favorite engagement photos of you and your spouse on the magnets for guests as a keeper.DIY Mini Polaroid Magnet Wedding Favors for Guests