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20+ Green and Yellow Wedding Ideas to Blow Your Mind Away

Speaking of yellow, it’s bright and warm. When it comes to green, it’s so refreshing and peaceful. When the two colors combine together, they will make great green and yellow wedding ideas, especially for spring and summer wedding. Green table decorations with yellow wedding bouquets, or yellow and green wedding aisle decorations, they together add more charm and warmth to your wedding ceremony. We’ve collected these awesome green and yellow wedding ideas that will blow your mind away. Scroll down and enjoy!

Wedding Colors

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for Wedding

It’s not Pantone’s color of the year, but Mauve is definitely the lovely and stylish one in the whole purple family. It’s more gentle and warm paired with plum, which makes it suitable for almost any wedding theme in any season. With the under color of grey and blue, mauve is able to create a touch of elegance and style. Mauve is muted, so it works well with many colors to create the palette you like. Believe it or not, mauve is a romantic and elegant color that has the ability to make your wedding gorgeous, from wedding table setting to bridesmaid dresses to wedding cake decors. Get inspired reading on!

Mauve Wedding Color Ideas

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Photo: Mimmo & Co ( via: Pinterest )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve is the stylish child in the purple family – bridal bouquet idea via Flowerona ( via: Pinterest )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve + cream beauty Photography: Jasmine Lee ( via: Stylemepretty )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve bridesmaids dresses. I’d like for the bridesmaids to find a dress Like in this photo ( via: Instagram )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

mauve wedding shoes dusty purple wedding ideas ( via: Woodsandfairy )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve + cream rose cake Photography by Jasmine Lee ( via: Stylemepretty )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Geometric Copper and Mauve Wedding Inspiration ( via: Greenweddingshoes )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Geometric Copper and Secculent Mauve Wedding centerpiece ideas ( via: Pinterest )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

bridesmaid dress idea ( via: Modwedding )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve table inspiration Photography by Jamie Rae ( via: Stylemepretty )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

wedding centerpiece idea by Colin Cowie Weddings ( via: Pinterest )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve linenstories doyouwearmanolo at Manolo Costa New York ( via: Manolocostanewyork )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Timeless wedding shades ( via: Heyweddinglady )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

photo by Jenny B Photos at ruffledblog ( via: Ruffledblog )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Lavender, blush pink, and purple chiffon for the bridesmaids ( via: Pinterest )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2018 Wedding

Mauve Pink Bow Tie and Pink floral boutonniere ( via: Theprettyblog )

Chic and Romanic Mauve Wedding Color Ideas for 2019 Wedding

Mauve Pink and gold wedding decoration ideas ( via: Pinterest )

Navy Blue Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors

20+ Refreshing Summer Wedding Color Schemes

No other season expresses bright and bold colors better than summer weddings. And there is a reason for it. Being a season with a full blossom ad passion, many colors are suitable to make your big day shiny and personalized. Every wedding has a color scheme, but you can make yours unique and creative by checking the following cool color combination ideas!

Coral & Gold Wedding Color Ideas

Gold brings a glow of romance and luxury, while coral is warm and sweet. The combination of these two colors really make a striking contrast that can look quite vintage yet warm at the same time. They work perfectly together for the wedding centerpieces when putting a bunch of coral flowers into the gold jars.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Coral & Gold Wedding Color Ideas

Image Credit: 1.Stylemepretty 2.Plumprettysugar.blogspot 3.Foragedfloral 4.Ruffledblog 5.Marthastewartweddings 6.Marthastewartweddings

Dusty Blue & Pistachio Wedding Color Ideas

Dusty blue is always chic and contemporary, while Pistachio gives a touch of peace and calm, standing for the color of Mother Nature. The Pistachio is perfect for bridesmaid dresses or some wedding accessories for the bride. For the dusty blue, they make great decorations on the reception. They two works great for rustic outdoor summer weddings.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Dusty Blue & Pistachio Wedding Color Ideas

Image Credit: 1.Labodadelatia.blogspot 2. Himisspuff 3.Wantthatwedding 4.Pinterest 5.Pinterest 6.Southernweddings

Blush & Lavender Wedding Color Ideas

Being the color of the year, lavender is of course one of the hottest wedding hues. Blush, however, is warm and bright, which is so suitable for summer wedding bouquets. Picture the blush blossom and lavender decorations, isn’t it heart-melting? This soft wedding color palette is totally swoon-worthy and are perfect for those girly-girl brides.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Blush & Lavender Wedding Color Ideas

Image Credit:  Stylemepretty 2. Marthastewartweddings 3. Marthastewartweddings 4. Plumprettysugar.blogspot 5. Foragedfloral 6. Ruffledblog

Navy & Peach Wedding Color Ideas

Many brides choose to have beach weddings for their wedding theme, hence navy is a necessary which stands for the broad ocean. Peach, on the other hand, looks quite passionate and charming. This cool color combination really helps to show your personality and you can make the wedding one of a kind.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Navy & Peach Wedding Color Ideas

Image Credit: 1. Goreturnme 2. Stylemepretty 3. Marthastewartweddings 4. Weddinginclude 5. Pinterest
Wedding Wedding Colors

Breathtaking Green and White Wedding Ideas to Rock!

Since organic and earthy weddings are right the heat these days, the combination of green and white wedding palette is definitely one of the favorites for couples. On the one hand, white and green wedding is as simple and pure as love, giving a touch of elegance and comfort to the guests. Besides, the natural combination of white and green is really fresh that is suitable for many different venues, be it backyard, farm or garden wedding. There are many great ways to cooperate these two colors in the wedding. We’ve gathered some of the ideas that will get you inspired!

Wedding Accessories

Since green is one of the hottest color trend for 2017, you can never make a mistake with green and white on your wedding. Having a pair of emerald earrings, a lime green boutonniere for the groom or even a greenery crown will add fun and creativity to the whole ceremony.

romantic and timeless white and green wedding accessories

  1. 2. Weddingsiniowa 3. Etsy 4. Deerpearlflowers 5. Weddingchicks 6. theknot

Bridesmaid Dresses

As the foil of the brides, green bridesmaid dresses make perfect match of white wedding gowns. From light green to lime and dark green, green bridesmaid dresses always make a balance with the surroundings.

hottoest emerald green bridesmaid dresses ideas

  1. Knotsvilla 2. Danacubbageweddings 3. Nafdress 4. Azazie 5.

Wedding Bouquets

No matter the color of your wedding dresses, having white and green wedding bouquets absolutely adds a fresh and eyeful touch to the whole ceremony. Despite the main color of white and green, colors like light pink and yellow are all great decorative elements you can take full use of.

rustic and elegant white and green wedding bouquets

  1. Pinterest 2. Stylemepretty 3. Thesoutherncaliforniabride 4. Pinterest 5. Marthastewartweddings 6. Instagram

Wedding Décor

Talking so much about the wedding planning, the best way to have a perfect a green and white wedding is to incorporate them into every detail of the nuptial, from table setting, centerpieces, or the wedding backdrop where you will exchange the vows. These are all crucial parts deciding whether your wedding will be a success.

organic and classic white and green wedding inspiration

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Champagne Wedding Color Ideas Wedding Colors

Chic and Elegant Champagne Wedding Color Ideas Worth Trying

Whenever we want to celebrate something, we always think of popping a bottle of champagne. That’s one of the reason why champagne weddings are so popular all these days. Apart from the elegance and the romance the champagne expresses, it is also an ideal wedding color for most brides because of the luxury atmosphere it conveys. Being a neutral color, it works superbly with many other colors like navy and burgundy. We are so in love with so many champagne combos and we can’t wait to share all these stunning champagne wedding ideas with you.

Champagne wedding dresses

Champagne wedding dresses are always a hot trend for many top brands, if you pay attention to the latest trend of wedding dresses 2018, you will see Champagne bridal gowns are the main trend. That’s not only because they are easy to work with as a neutral color, but also lies in that they convey a touch of dignity with the embellishment of beads, silk or chiffon.Champagne wedding dresses ideas you may like it

Image Credit:1.Theweddingscoop 3.itakeyou 4.Theweddingscoop 
5.Pinterest 6.Modwedding

Champagne wedding shoes

After all the searching for perfect wedding dresses, it’s finally time to look for a great pair of wedding shoes. Since they will walk down the aisle with you together, there’s no reason not to choose a special pair. And champagne wedding shoes are perfect for many themes as they are not limited.Champagne Colored Wedding Shoes for Your Big Day

Image Credit: 1.Groomsmenattire 2.Projectwedding

Champagne wedding invitations

As the peek of the coming nuptial, the champagne really set the tone for it. Your guests will be aware of what to expect at the wedding and of course what the wear to attend the event. The invitation cards imply what kind of wedding you are holding. As or the design and wording, you can decide by checking your wedding theme.Champagne Wedding Invitation Fancy Glitter Package

Image Credit: Jupiterandjunoshop

Champagne wedding decorations

Being neutral, natural and sophisticated at the same time, champagne is so versatile as the decoration for the nuptial. From elegant wedding bouquets to cozy table setting or striking wedding centerpieces, champagne will never let you down. The dazzling champagne embellishment will obviously make your wedding a wonderland and every guest will be amazed!champagne wedding decorations and centerpieces

Image Credit:

Champagne wedding cakes

Due to the luxury nature, the color of champagne is prefect for antique and vintage-themed wedding cakes. Colors like gold or silver are great match to make stunning champagne wedding cakes. What’s more, beadworks and flowers are constant matches that never goes out of fashion.Pink Gold and Champagne Wedding Cakes

Image Credit:1.Flickr 2.Modwedding 3.Cakesdecor 4.Craftsy
Featured Navy Blue Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors Wedding Ideas

Nobleness and Eternity: Stunning Navy Blue Wedding Color Ideas

It’s stylish, it’s peaceful, it’s elegant. What are we talking about. Navy blue. Every time we talk about this clam and steady wedding color, we always associate it with fall or rustic outdoor weddings. The color itself is gorgeous already, but it can add a totally different touch if you add some other colors like blush, grey, gold and so on. Here are some great ideas to help you find the right color combination for your big day!

Blush Pink and Navy Blue WeddingBlush Pink and Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

Blue and pink can be really a good color combination for a wedding. Thinking about the romance and sweetness they make is exciting enough. Grooms in navy blue suits with pink ties or boutonniere in match. For table setting, picture a navy-blue table cloth with blush centerpieces. They will look striking and attractive on your spring wedding.  Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Navy Blue and Grey Wedding

Navy Blue and Grey Wedding Ideas

The right wedding palette can have a positive influence on a wedding. They can add style and energy. Navy blue and grey is definitely one of the hottest choices you can expect. Grey is refreshing while navy blue is so stylish. They are the one of the most stunning color combo for your winter wedding. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Navy Blue and Gold Wedding


Navy Blue and Gold Wedding IdeasNavy blue is a classic wedding color while gold is considered to be an ideal color for weddings. These two are popular among weddings not only because they are perfectly contrasting each other but because they are suitable for almost any theme and season—- for a rustic wedding, a winter wedding etc. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Color Ideas

Coral and navy blue are just looking striking when putting together. They are widely used for spring and summer weddings. They together make a comfortable feeling of the wedding. Besides, these two colors compliment a wide range of skin colors, which makes them first choice color palette or many brides. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding Color Ideas

For fall or winter weddings, burgundy or maroon are prefect. They do help to add some festive to the whole wedding without being too odd. People love to pair these two colors with the understated navy blue which to set an elegant tone for the wedding.  Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6