Navy Blue Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors

20+ Refreshing Summer Wedding Color Schemes

No other season expresses bright and bold colors better than summer weddings. And there is a reason for it. Being a season with a full blossom ad passion, many colors are suitable to make your big day shiny and personalized. Every wedding has a color scheme, but you can make yours unique and creative by checking the following cool color combination ideas!

Coral & Gold Wedding Color Ideas

Gold brings a glow of romance and luxury, while coral is warm and sweet. The combination of these two colors really make a striking contrast that can look quite vintage yet warm at the same time. They work perfectly together for the wedding centerpieces when putting a bunch of coral flowers into the gold jars.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Coral & Gold Wedding Color Ideas

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Dusty Blue & Pistachio Wedding Color Ideas

Dusty blue is always chic and contemporary, while Pistachio gives a touch of peace and calm, standing for the color of Mother Nature. The Pistachio is perfect for bridesmaid dresses or some wedding accessories for the bride. For the dusty blue, they make great decorations on the reception. They two works great for rustic outdoor summer weddings.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Dusty Blue & Pistachio Wedding Color Ideas

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Blush & Lavender Wedding Color Ideas

Being the color of the year, lavender is of course one of the hottest wedding hues. Blush, however, is warm and bright, which is so suitable for summer wedding bouquets. Picture the blush blossom and lavender decorations, isn’t it heart-melting? This soft wedding color palette is totally swoon-worthy and are perfect for those girly-girl brides.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Blush & Lavender Wedding Color Ideas

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Navy & Peach Wedding Color Ideas

Many brides choose to have beach weddings for their wedding theme, hence navy is a necessary which stands for the broad ocean. Peach, on the other hand, looks quite passionate and charming. This cool color combination really helps to show your personality and you can make the wedding one of a kind.Summer Wedding Color Schemes-Navy & Peach Wedding Color Ideas

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