Black and Red Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors

18 Black and Red Wedding Color Ideas

When it comes to wedding colors, I bet most of you would choose colors popular ones like blue, burgundy, gold and so on. While black and red are gradually getting more attention. Living in a modern society offers us chances to be open-minded to accept the diversity of everything, including wedding colors. These two colors are great contrasting colors that makes every decoration details pop. See the pictures below and you will know why!

Black and red wedding dresses

Many brides hold that having a dark color like black is a bit of depressing. While you are totally wrong. Black itself is common, but with the embellishment of red, it conveys a touch of boldness and creativity. These black and red dresses are the best evidences. Either choose red bridal gowns with black lace borders or black strapless bridesmaid dresses with red inside liners, they all look gorgeous.Custom Black and Red Gothic Wedding Dresses

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Black and red wedding shoes

If being incorporated correctly, the black and red wedding shoes can be quite amazing. Red-black lace pieces with high heels, people will understand your effort on them.Black and Red Gothic Wedding Shoes Ideas

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Black and red wedding invitations

Black and red wedding invitations are definitely classy and timeless. If you think they are too traditional, you can add modern fonts to properly combine these two styles.Black and Red Laser Cut Wedding Invitation by PAPER & LACE

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Black and red wedding decorations

Speaking of the décor, the rich and bold combination of course will not let you down. You can take the most of the red flowers to have fabulous wedding aisle with black carpet with rose petals on either side. Besides, from centerpieces to bouquets, there are so many details you can work on.Black and Red Wedding Decoration and Centerpieces Ideas

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Black and red wedding cakes

Unique and creative wedding cakes seem to be the newest trend these days and that’s why we recommend you having a black and red wedding cake. To make a perfect wedding cake, you can lighten up the color scheme with some white or silver. From simple red cakes with black decoration to cakes adding other colors, the wedding cake sure will become Instagram-worthy.Black White and Red Wedding Cake Ideas

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