Wedding Cakes

36 Latest Wedding Cakes Ideas too Adorable to Miss!

Wedding cakes is a really important part for the wedding reception. Your guests will decide whether to grab a bite as soon as they see the design and style. That’s why many brides work so hard trying to make their wedding cakes both eye-catching and delicious! Today we’ve rounded up wedding cakes of different texture and material. Hopefully you will find the one you love!

Drip wedding cakes

Since being unique and non-traditional is gradually becoming the trends for weddings, having a drip wedding will definitely be of great help. With the decoration of drip, your wedding cakes can be of any color, gold, chocolate, red or black. It saves much trouble matching the cakes with your wedding theme. What’s more, they will definitely be eye-catching!trendy and eye-catching drip wedding cakes Image Credit: 1. Blog.stylishwedd   2. Huffingtonpost   3.    4. Pinterest  5. Weddingforward    6. Womangettingmarried

Marble wedding cakes

Some say that wedding cakes without decorations of flowers will be just plain. Well they can’t be talking about marble wedding cakes. Marble cake ideas are really hot trends for weddings these days. They may be no décor, but you can easily see the luxury glamour and elegance. Besides, these fabulous cakes can come in any color or shape you like.chic romantic marble wedding cake ideasImage Credit: 1. Pinterest   2. Glamourandgraceblog   3. Weddingchicks   4. Moncheribridals  5. Ruffledblog     6. Ruffledblog

Ombre wedding cakes

The best way to tempting your guests on the wedding is probably having an ombre wedding cake. They will not only make your dessert table much adorable but your guests will love to take a photo around it! Décor it with some flower petals or fruit pieces will make your guests mouth-watering.mouth-watering ombre ruffle wedding cake ideas

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Vintage wedding cakes

Speaking of vintage wedding cakes, the first things people have in mind are definitely beads, pearls, laces and ribbons. Yes, you are right! This is what vintage wedding cakes are all about. They are not luxury, but elegant and stylish. They are not glamorous but you will definitely love every bite of it!rustic and romantic vintage wedding cake ideas
Image Credit: 1. Bridalmusings   2. Itsyourpartysc.blogspot   3.   4.   5. Marthastewartweddings   6. Bridalmusings

Simple wedding cake

As time goes by, older wedding cake trends are out and new trends are taking over except for one design, simple wedding cakes. They are easy to approach simple in look and always yummy to eat. No design is eternal without simple. It will never go out of date.simple yet stylish wedding cake ideas
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Square wedding cakes

Many couples want to rock their wedding with the hot trend wedding cake design— square wedding cakes! Unlike the round ones, square cakes look chic and modern. Multi-layers are quite stylish with some slight decorations. You can personalize the cakes in any color or texture you like!unique and adorable square wedding cake ideas
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