Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors

Tiffany Blue-inspired Wedding Color Ideas

It’s true many brides are inclined to choose burgundy, blush and gold as the wedding color for the big day. While if you want to impress your guests, tiffany blue is the color that really stands out. It is a color well-balanced between blue and green which makes it easy to match a bunch of different colors. Besides, tiffany blue goes well with any skin tones. That’s why tiffany blue is among one of the most popular wedding colors brides would like to incorporate with. Apart from what mentioned above, tiffany blue also blends well with many colors like blush, white, grey, etc. Now have a look how to mix tiffany blue with different colors to make your guests wow!

Tiffany Blue and Blush Pink

Tiffany blue and blush pink is a rejuvenating combination. A simple bridal gown will look extremely gorgeous surrounded by tiffany blue and blush pink. Combine these two colors in items like table-setting, centerpieces or wedding bouquets.
Tiffany Blue and Blush Pink Wedding Color Ideas
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Tiffany Blue and White

It’s easy to plan a tiffany blue and white wedding. Since tiffany blue is versatile color, while white symbolizes purity and elegance, these two together create a feel of peace and comfort.Tiffany Blue and White Wedding Color Ideas you will likeImage credit, from top to bottom 1.Elariophotography 3.Indulgy 4.Weddingbee 5.Colincowieweddings 6.Sprinklebakes

Tiffany Blue and Grey

Looking for eye-catching yet classy look for your wedding? Simply try having tiffany blue and grey for your wedding color. A groom in grey suit with tiffany blue ties is definitely simple yet sophisticated. You can also add grey to the table-setting to make a match.Tiffany Blue and Gray Wedding Color IdeasImage credit, from top to bottom 1.Tknot 2.Pinterest 3.Nicolecampophotography 4.Artfullywed 7.Weddingwire

Tiffany Blue and Orange

What about having something bold for your spring wedding? A bright refreshing orange wedding bouquet will perfectly match with tiffany wedding gown. The conflicting warm orange and peaceful tiffany blue can bring unexpected visual feast for your guests.Tiffany Blue and Coral Orange Wedding Color Ideas for your weddingImage Credit, from top to bottom 1.Pinterest 2.Wix 3.Fairgateinn 4.Thebridescafe 5.Myfloweraffair 6.Theberry

Featured Navy Blue Wedding Ideas Wedding Colors Wedding Ideas

Nobleness and Eternity: Stunning Navy Blue Wedding Color Ideas

It’s stylish, it’s peaceful, it’s elegant. What are we talking about. Navy blue. Every time we talk about this clam and steady wedding color, we always associate it with fall or rustic outdoor weddings. The color itself is gorgeous already, but it can add a totally different touch if you add some other colors like blush, grey, gold and so on. Here are some great ideas to help you find the right color combination for your big day!

Blush Pink and Navy Blue WeddingBlush Pink and Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

Blue and pink can be really a good color combination for a wedding. Thinking about the romance and sweetness they make is exciting enough. Grooms in navy blue suits with pink ties or boutonniere in match. For table setting, picture a navy-blue table cloth with blush centerpieces. They will look striking and attractive on your spring wedding.  Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Navy Blue and Grey Wedding

Navy Blue and Grey Wedding Ideas

The right wedding palette can have a positive influence on a wedding. They can add style and energy. Navy blue and grey is definitely one of the hottest choices you can expect. Grey is refreshing while navy blue is so stylish. They are the one of the most stunning color combo for your winter wedding. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Navy Blue and Gold Wedding


Navy Blue and Gold Wedding IdeasNavy blue is a classic wedding color while gold is considered to be an ideal color for weddings. These two are popular among weddings not only because they are perfectly contrasting each other but because they are suitable for almost any theme and season—- for a rustic wedding, a winter wedding etc. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding

Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Color Ideas

Coral and navy blue are just looking striking when putting together. They are widely used for spring and summer weddings. They together make a comfortable feeling of the wedding. Besides, these two colors compliment a wide range of skin colors, which makes them first choice color palette or many brides. Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding

Navy Blue and Burgundy Wedding Color Ideas

For fall or winter weddings, burgundy or maroon are prefect. They do help to add some festive to the whole wedding without being too odd. People love to pair these two colors with the understated navy blue which to set an elegant tone for the wedding.  Images Credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6