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21 Rustic Berry Wedding Cake Inspirations for Your Big Day

Can you imagine a wedding without flowers, desserts or fruits? In fact, a wedding cake with berries are very much popular these days. It’s not only delicious but also adorable in appearance. Decorated with strawberries, raspberries, cherries, blueberries and blackberries, the wedding will be fabulous. You can add some seasonal flowers on them too. Besides, these days there are cakes with berries in between the layers which make them look more mouth-watering. For those who worry a wedding cake is too big to eat, you can simply try some smaller berry tarts. These cakes themselves are great cakes already but they also work well as decorations. They are amazing choices for a rustic wedding, or any outdoor weddings. I can’t imagine how exciting your guests will be and how fascinating the wedding reception will look with these berry ornament. Here are some of our favorite berry cakes for weddings, go and find some inspirations for your own wedding.

rustic buttercream wedding cake with berries

1 A simple and lovely way to decorate your wedding cake is to use lots of colorful berries as the embellishment around the cake.

Semi naked wedding cake with gold foil and fresh berries by Two Peaches Photography

2 If you are having a budget wedding, a plain wedding cake decorated with seasonal fruits will be more appealing.

Strawberry and Blueberry wedding cake

3 This two tier berry cake is really unique and charming.

Tiered cake stand with berries for a perfect Rustic wedding

4 If you are really an admirer of nature, look at this one. Having flowers and greenery decorations as a different cake topper, berries with greenery decorations are fantastic combinations!

Wedding Cake Sponge Fruit Layers Log Pretty Natural Floral Barn Wedding by Johastingsphotography

5 For those who want to have chocolate wedding cake for summer wedding, berries are definitely a good helper and the cute cake topper makes the wedding even more attractive.

wedding cake with fresh berries! What a perfect idea for a rustic wedding! Photography by Lumaluna

6 Some think chocolate is out of fashion for wedding cakes. I bet they don’t see them with berries. How adorable picture they make together.

Christine Sargologos | Snippet & Ink

7 With berries in between the layers, the freeform design really makes the wedding cake one of a kind.

A chocolate and vanilla sponge naked cake for a festival wedding

8 Proper designs can turn a simple wedding cake into a work of art for your rustic wedding.

Berry and Naked Cake looks tasty

9 This is really a simple and elegant way to decorate the wedding cake with berries.

berry and rose decoration wedding cake

10 Decorated with flowers and eye-catching cake topper, who can resist this elegant berry cake?

Chocolate naked wedding cake With fresh berries by oliveandanchovy

11 Simple yet elegant, the combination of strawberries, raspberries is totally stunning!

Classic and elegant berries naked cake. Perfect if you want to stray from the average wedding cakes

12 A feast of berries, the arrangement of berries on the wedding cake makes my mouth water.

mixed berry naked cake is full of rustic charm

13 Cakes with cream and icing frosting in between the layers, it adds a different touch to the whole cake.

mixed berry naked cake with rose

14 Proper greenery and blush flowers, the decoration and arrangement make the berry cake quite appealing.

naked cake with berries photo by Helen Russell photography

15 Adding lively flowers is a good way to make your berry wedding cake unique.

Naked Cake Layer Sponge Fruit Flowers Icing Lego Toppers

16 You can design your wedding cake the way you like not the way people like. The baby breath and lily really add an elegant touch to your berry wedding.

Naked Cake Sponge Layer Fruit Berries Icing Log Stand Indie

17 The ombre chocolate cake with frosting berries is totally irresistible.

naked cake with berries galore by Anna Hardy Photography

18 You can never have too much berries for the summer wedding cake.

naked chocolate cake with fruits photo by Nicole Berrett, cake by Cakewalk Bakeshop

19 For a budget wedding, wedding cake mismatched black and white berry cake is a must.

Naked Chocolate Wedding Cake with fresh Fruit Berry

20 Half frosted chocolate wedding cake with berry cake topper, how creative is that?

nice take on the traditional Italian wedding cake

21 Multi-layer wedding cakes are really fabulous with decorations of frosting berries and proper flower arrangement.

Image source: Pinterest

Rustic Wedding Ideas Wedding Ideas

25 Must See Drop-dead Rustic Wedding Ideas

Fall is right at the corner. And for those who are preparing a fall wedding, are there any wedding themes better than rustic weddings? The answer is definitely No! With amazing natural views, barns, burlap, wood and leaves, rustic weddings take the most of natural materials. To make the big day perfect, there are many preparations to be taken care of, from wedding decorations, wedding bouquets to rustic wedding cakes etc. Here are some details we’ve rounded up to make your fall rustic wedding one in a million.

Rustic Wedding Invitations


Rustic wedding invitations for your big dayThe best way to let people know about your big day is of course the wedding invitations. Elements like woods, burlaps, kraft papers or flowers are terrific choices for the rustic wedding cards. Image credit: WeddingPaperDivas

Rustic Wedding Dresses


Rustic Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses for BRIDALRustic weddings are always connected with casual, harvest yet vintage aesthetic. That makes it a little bit difficult for the brides to choose the perfect wedding dresses. Flower length lace gowns or dresses with vintage details will be more appealing. Imagine the way you wear your dream wedding gown with a pair of casual boots, how cool is that! Image credit: Daalarna

Rustic Wedding Decorations

Rustic wedding decoration ideas without spending a lot

There are many ways to decorate your rustic weddings without spending a lot. And sometimes the simplest is the best. You can simply decorate your rustic wedding using items from your backyard. Tree trunks, burlaps, mason jars and laces, there are all affordable yet intriguing for the wedding. Image credit: 1 2 3 4

Rustic Wedding Bouquets


Rustic Wedding BouquetsTo have a dream wedding, wedding bouquets are definitely a crucial part. With all the down-to-earth decoration as background, flowers in season are always the best choices. Flowers like warm sunflowers, lively peonies together with adornment like greenery plants are totally appealing. Image Credit: 1 2 3 4

Rustic Wedding Cakes


Rustic wedding cakesSince you are going for countrified details and subtle elegance, you have to carry out the theme to every part of the wedding, including the rustic wedding cake. You can stick to traditional multi-tier design or to have country-chic touch, you could try to have stylish wedding cakes with earthy aesthetic, including gorgeous greenery, crawling vines, frosting hues. Does this sound dreamy to you? Image Credit: 1 2 3 4

Rustic Wedding Centerpieces


Rustic mason jar wedding centerpiece decoration ideasRustic weddings are ally about country chic style, and the best reflection of the theme is centerpieces. You can fully develop your creativity to combine the rustic details with anything. Image Credit: 1 2 3 4